Fish & Meat Smoking

We buy eel from fishermen with license, contact Andreas at the smokery.

Hobby Fishermen we smoke your catch

We smoke your fish, although remember a few things before you leave it.

  • Should the fish be smoked in fillets choose catch of at least 3 kg when whole otherwise it can become dry.
  • In order for us to make a beautiful fillet with a little meat waste during filleting leave the head on.
  • For gravat and cold smoking rinse the salmon carefully in the abdominal cavity and freeze it as early you can if you do not leave it to us directly. Smoked and gravad fish is a delicate handling since its not heated during the process.

Prices are based on readymade weight.

Cold Smoked including filleting
Salmon/whitefish fillets  40 Skr/kg

Hot Smoking
Whole fish, salmon, whitefish, etc. 30 Skr/kg
Fillet of single / double layer 35 Skr/kg
Herb marinated and Basil sprinkled 40 Skr/kg

Gravat including filleting
Salmon/whitefish fillets  30 Skr/kg

Vacumed fish 4-6 Skr / each (depending on size of pouches)
After we process your fish its vaccumed, it prolongs the shelf life up to 5 weeks at 4 degrees. If you immediately to use it, tell us to avoid an additional charge.

Hunters we smoke your Game

We accept all cuts of meat at a maximum of about 3kg for hot smoking, if the flesh is larger we cut it in the easiest way down to the correct weight. The reason is so we can be sure it will be finished into the center of the flesh on that time we smoke.

 We also accept sausages for smoking.
However, we have chosen not Smoke bird in our ovens.
Good to know, if you can provide a mobile number when you leave your flesh we can
Notify you by SMS when it is ready for collection.

NOTE! Since we dont smoke meat on a regular basis, certain times of the year is important to know for the hunter.

  • Smoking meat for Easter leave it atleast 3 weeks before
  • Smoking meat for Midsummer leave it atleast 3 weeks before
  • Smoking during hunting season, we tend to have a smoke at the end of September to cover up the early deerhunt, leave your meat at 15 September at the latest.
  • Smoking for Christmas, after November 30 we stop accepting any meat and fish, all we recieved up to that date is then prepared, smoked and ready for pickup during mid december.

Hot smoking of meat 40 Skr/kg
Time required about 7 days (9 for frozen meat) first the meat is injected with nitrite salt to the bone / centre of the meat then we put it in brine for five days. Day 5 the brine is replaced with freshwater for approximately 24 hours before smoking. Depending on size its then smoked between 8 - 10 hours, then left to cool. Day 7 we pack the meat and its then ready to be picked up.

 Pre smoking of whole lamb or piglet 40 Skr / kg to a maximum of 600 Skr for 15+ kg meat

When BBQ a whole lamb or pig sometimes its wanted to first smoke it, partly to add smoke flavor, but also shorten the cooking time. Since we do not use rolling carts or ceilingrail to our ovens, we can only accept animals at max 15 - 20 kg since we lift them "by hand".

Vacuuming of meat 5-10 SEK / each (depending on size)
Normally, we package the meat only with wrapping paper before it is collected, we may, however, if the meat is not too large vacuum it. It gives a troublefree storing up to 5 weeks at 4 degrees and you do not have to worry about surfacemold or other attacks. You can also freeze your meat in vacuum up to 6 months without compromising taste.